Quotes for good morning

Monday, 3 August 2015  at 08:15
At the end of life, let us not have any regrets or doubts about the things that we have done. Let us make the most of the present we have with our gifts and talents.
~ Ramon Sal

Life turns out to be the way we
look at it. It can be beautiful and lovely if our minds and surroundings are so. It could be the totally opposite if our minds and surroundings are negative.
~ Eaton Noyes

Every evening when the sun sets it reminds us that we have one day less to live, but every sunrise gives us the courage to hope for the best. Good Morning to you.
~ George Schuyler

Quotes for good morning

A silent mouth may always avoid problems but a smile on one’s face always solves many problems. So smile because it reaches a thousand miles.
~ Pentad Rock

In life people often feel something but express something else, they mean something but actually say something else. You must learn the art of saying nothing expressing everything.
Have a lovely expressive day.
~ Martin Costa

The night yesterday set for another day,
This morning has shined up in a special way,
I wish that you smile like the sunny rays,
and of course leave your worries at the blue bay.
~ Rita Eileen

I wish that you begin this new day with a bright smile right away,
Hope that you be jolly and gay all day
~ Pearl Ulrich
A positive vibe in the morning is your cup of tea, don’t forget to have it. Good Morning.
~ Lean Lord

Get up in the morning with hope to do much more things than what you dreamt of previous night.
~ Poland Rustler

A man is successful only when he executes what he had planned previously.
~ Russell Froes

Don’t you worry about the night’s darkness because the day is coming to outshine the darkness
~ Kate Huber

Morning is the time when your enter my mind and the last thing I leave at night is you my love
~ Umber Trellis

This morning when I woke up I was happy because it was my God who gently woke me up
~ Pleura Denis

Yesterday is the subject of History .Tomorrow is the History that will be written .Today is the Present (Gift) given to you by God so write your History well. Good Morning.
~ Eger Laden

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