Good Morning Quotes for Girlfriend

Monday, 10 June 2013  at 08:48
I hope you had a good night sleep and no nightmares haunted you. I wish a lovely day in which you will feel my love for you and remember that there is some one somewhere who always thinks sweet things about you.
~ Jennifer Straight

Life with you has been like the sun rising above the horizon each day. It has been wonderful and full of sweet surprises. I cannot wait to see what exciting things life has in store for us this morning. Love you!
~ John Matron

I want this bright sunny sunshine to be with you wherever you go. When you see its brightness remember that my love for you is bright and warm just
like that.
~ Mark Stimson

Good Morning Quotes for Girlfriend

I have a dream and that is... Brick by brick and stone by stone, we will create a lovely house. By the window when the first rays of the sunlight enter our home, I want to hold you and say "Good Morning baby, I truly Love You!"
~ Fulton Moral

The day has changed everything and the darkness has faded away. I remember the first day I met you and it was similar to this. I was lonely and hopeless, but then you came and removed it all and all I have now is pure love. Good morning and have a great day!
~ Tryst Jackal

Let us get together and not just love each other but extend our love to someone else. Morning is a wonderful time to reflect on not only what we need for ourselves but also what we both can give to others.
~ Pilfer Nortel

From the arrival of the sun from the west to its setting in the east, I know for sure that for not one hour has passed without you crossing my mind. I love you so much and you are always on my mind.
~ Rebecca Race

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How to write a special good morning message for her?
         Sending a good morning message says that you care and love the person. It gives an impression that you remember the person. Attention is something that most girls enjoy from their husbands / boyfriends. Let's dive straight into what makes a good message.

1. Center the universe to her:
Make sure that you are making her the center point of the message and that she likes the attention that you give to her. The ultimate motive is to make her feel good with words.

2. Give her something to remember:
Its easy to write anything at all but ask yourself... Will that make an impact or a lasting impression. It is tough to produce excellence but then when you do, she will always cherish it and remember you.

3. Let love be the motive:
You must believe in your heart that you truly love the person and the words will flow with ease. Sometimes you may face a problem wherein you just do not know what to say next but believing that you love her will make words come by naturally.

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Rolien Botha said...

I love all the quotes and would love to receive them daily.


Anonymous said...

Am sure these quotes can change someones mood also make that person feel special only if u say them to the right person.

Anonymous said...

Man, this stuff ROCKS... sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, girls are full of lied. They don't deserved this type of treatment. they are most shady things in the planet.

sibusiso kevin sakayi said...

This is just the way women should be treated...aside with what you think of them;if you'v never felt love before then you'l find these qoutes useless.A thumbz up to all the qoute writers!-_-)

mr Tsundzu ndzovela said...

jah u ae right.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for you. Once you find true love, you'll understand my friend

Marium A said...

As the sun rises in the east we'll see, the first rays of the sun,
Which will blanket us with the warmth of radiance, assuring us that a new day has begun.

Our hopes and dreams will come true when your here, my long awaited love after these thousands of miles disappear.

I will greet you with much love, but not for a day, but for all of eternity in my arms I pray you'll choose to stay.

You are the chosen one for me, by our Creator Himself, please know that I love you, I want you all for myself.

I pray you are happiest with my love I freely give, for all the days of our lives, as long as we both shall live.