Good Morning my Love Quotes

Monday, 3 June 2013  at 17:25
The birds keep flying high in the sky every morning and so does my heart. My only aim is to go higher in your heart and mind like a true husband / boyfriend. Have a good morning my love!
~ True Andrew

The darkness has departed and the night stars have passed by, you have touched my life like never before and I cannot stop thanking God for you in
my life. Have a great day!
~ James Wallace

Good Morning my Love Quotes

Every time the sunlight hits my face I think of you my lady. You are warmer than the sun and you fill my heart with so much more love than anyone else. That is why I want to wish you a good morning my love!
~ Gerald Truman

There are so many girls in this world but you are the only one who was meant for me. You are the favorite part of my life. I love you more and more each day!
~ Nicole Lima

The morning brings so many sweet memories of the times we spent together. Before going to bed and after getting up my mind is automatically focused on you. You make my mornings sweet.
~ Stanton Wall

I have never missed you like this before. You were, you are and you will always be my number one. I love you with all the love I have in my heart!
~ Quaker Ufa

I work hard everyday so that one day you will be proud of me. I want to be your hero in every way that I can and I will strive hard and fight hard for you. Have a great day ahead my love.
~ Holland Troy

Yesterday in the morning I was thinking about you and my whole day went very well. I wonder how much more better this day is going to be since I am wishing you first thing this morning.
~ Roy Trims

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Good Morning my Love
Morning is a good time to let your better half know what you feel for them. They must feel your love early so that they can be empowered to face the day and have a good one. There are many ways to express your feelings - quotes, messages, poems and much more. Say it from your heart and let them know that you truly love them.
I hope you succeed in spreading love and have a good day ahead.


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Very Good Quotes. It has help me alots

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Thanks for those beautiful Quotes, I send couples to my wife. she love's them..:)