Quotes on Good Morning

Monday, 27 May 2013  at 10:54
The little joys of life come alive early morning. The birds chirping, the flowers blowing freely in the wind and the soft sunlight can all be felt and experienced in the morning.
~ Gilbert Storms

A good morning not only starts with a hot cup of coffee but with a good thought and a happy song. There are few things that you cannot counter with a positive mind and a fresh start.
~ Kelly Mislaid

Consider the morning to be a time when your success story
begins. Learn to live in joy and peace. Goodness and mercies will follow you if you start your day with a kind approach.
~ Jolly Rent

Many may discourage you by the night, but one good morning is enough to propel you closer to your destiny.
~ Wiki Johnson

Quotes on Good Morning

I have been wondering whom I can reach out to and help this morning.
~ Elba Mills

Trusting in the almighty I woke up and prayed. I knew that my day will never be the same and I ended it victorious.
~ Torque Tin worth
You were not meant to live defeated and your eye lashes were not meant to be soaked in tears. Get up this morning to a new beginning and let the light guide you to transformation.
~ Zelma Orville

Let me live by the best of things that life has in store for me. Let my mind be changed and let me experience the new levels of love and friendship that this day has in store for me.
~ Hamill Potter

I have crossed so many paths and the only one I really likes the one which had the early sunshine. There is something about the start of the day that enchants me.
~ Baroque Ahmed

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How to start yourself for a good morning?
It is very important to start your mornings right, especially since it affects the rest of your day. here we give you three short tips to start your day right. If you wish to skip and read more quotes, click the next page.

1. Put your focus on good thoughts:
If you are a Christian, you would pray to God every morning. Even if you are not, think of good positive thoughts and start your day right. keep in mind the happy memories of the past or just tell yourself that you are turning your day into success.

2. Keep off heaviness or negativity:
Don't watch the news as you get up since they mostly have nothing but crimes and deaths and unhappiness to report. Try and keep away from people who make you sad or pass you discouragement. You need to turn on goodness and at the same time, turn off the negativity right at the start of the day.

3. More tips:
Do you have a routine or advice by which you can help us and others have a good morning? Share with us in the comments below.

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