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Monday, 6 May 2013  at 12:48
You will know the preciousness of a day only when you lose one.
~ Porter Hare

The day that I don’t put on makeup is a good day for me.
~ Loss Jose

I have to laugh at least 20 times a day so that I can say that it was a good day.
~ Franz Lopez

A good day for me is a one with equal joys and sorrows.
~ Katy Uric

Good Morning actually makes a contradiction of two terms.
~ Will Fret

God starts a miracle right from
the start of the day that is the MORNING.
~ Pole Leon

Being stubborn can help you get things done or maybe bring hurdles to your mornings.
~ David Lord

An early morning keeps you going the whole day.
~ Styli Trey

Morning is not just a name, it has a lot of fame which is earned playing a game throughout with the
~ Maj Frau

Mornings come with opportunities. If you take hold of opportunities you will be in the daytime or
else soon it will be night.
~ Teri Fad

Leave the mistakes of yesterday behind and rise up to the sunshine of today cause it’s a new day and
a new start.
~ Lome Ira

I get up every morning and say aloud to myself ”I BELIEVE”
~ Red Troy

I get up in the morning and switch on the Internet to see whether my name is there among the top
richest people if not then I go to work.
~ Dale Terry

It’s the greatest joy to wake up every morning to find that there’s something new to do or to
accomplish today.
~ Cohan Thor

If you face facts you will never up in the morning.
~ Poland Roy

One could hardly wait to get up in the morning if one gets up with an excitement to do something.
~ Ricky Gayle

People who don’t drink feel the same all day.
~ Coley Huston

The way to be tired before going to sleep is the satisfaction you would get by occupying yourself with
not the best job but doing every job whether little or big with utter sincerity and honesty.
~ Roman Nair

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How do I write these quotes for good morning?
These quotes and sayings can also be written by yourself and usually what you tell yourself has a greater impact than what others say to you. With that in mind, you should try to pen down your own quotes to paper. We will show you 3 points to do it with ease:

1. Write with a clear positive mind:
Morning is the start of the day and you need to get motivated to have a good day. That is why you need to feed yourself with positive thoughts. Write something positive and inspiring for yourself.

2. Make it personal:
Try and make things as personal to yourself as possible since these quotes are aimed at you. If there is a word that you like or makes you laugh, include it there (nothing dirty).

3. Try right now:
Why don't you try a one liner right now? Write an inspiring quote in the comments and thousands of readers will be inspired by your quote. That will be a compliment to you and your intellect.

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