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Monday, 13 May 2013  at 21:40
Wishing you good morning is the good deed that I start my day with. I hope you realize that you are a precious person and if I pass away before this day, remember that you have been in my mind all day.
~ Melissa Ron

May you have success in everything you take up this day. May you complete everything that you set out to do and may you be blessed and find happiness in everything you do.
~ Adele O

Don't worry about what people say or think
about you. Their opinions do not make you what you are. Your destiny was created by your creator and you need to move forward in your own steps, one day at a time.
~ Adam Rattler

Every morning when I wake up, I think of all the good things that i have to do. Life is too short to grumble and think of the negativity. Even as you take this thought to heart today, I wish you a happy good morning.
~ Peter Wald

I hope that like the morning coffee that gets you fresh and active, my wishes may help you move forward on the journey of this day. Look for the good things in everything you do today.
~ Valerie Kane

Morning is the start of the journey that will last long enough to have an important effect on your life. Don't under estimate the power of this day and the impact that it can have on you. Be your best and have a good day.
~ Kyle Jennie
Create powerful thoughts and actions for this day and leave the worries of yesterday for some other time. Your mind is a fountain of thoughts. You decide what comes out of this fountain. Good Morning to you.
~ Don Wallace

Surround yourself with people who care and will be there for you in times of trouble and need. There maybe people who cause or raise problems. reduce time spent with them as far as possible and have a positive day.
~ Yon Pills

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Writing powerful good morning wishes and quotes
This may not seem to be the simplest of things but don't be fooled into thinking that it is difficult. Writing these quotes can be done by anyone who knows a thing or two about life and motivation. Here is how to write such good morning wishes for anyone at all.
1. Know the person and the message:
The message you write will greatly vary depending on the person for whom the message is meant for. A message maybe lovey if you are sending it to a person you love or motivational for someone who need it.
It is that simple. Just tailor it while keeping the elements of the morning in the message.
2. May it sound better:
At the first draft you may not like what has been written but nobody said that the first draft needs to be perfect. You can write again and again until it sounds good or even extra ordinary. give it your best and the rest will follow.
3. Give it a shot:
If you close this window without trying, you may never really do it. Try writing a quote in this comment box below and hundreds of thousands of people will see what you have written.

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Baylisia Ewing said...

I give you the gift of today, on your knees talk to me in your way. Unwrap your dream, take it in your arms and believe because only you can use your gift of today, use it wisely in every way.