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Monday, 20 May 2013  at 20:35
My thoughts have reached you even before you open your eyes and all I wish is good for you. May you succeed and be joyful in all your works and dealings this day.
~ Jensen Garnet

Like the birds which fly all over the sky and spread their wings, so do I want you to reach the heights you have never attempted. Take all your talents and strengths to reach a new height today.
~ Olson Warner

Love is the epitome of all things and I hope
that this morning you may find love in the little joys of life. May you be filled with goodness and kindness everywhere you go.
~ Tony Start-ford

Open your cute eyes and see. Here is a sweet message from me. You don't have to wait for the alarm to wake up. Let motivation of first love and excitement wake you up with purpose.
~ Milton Green

Let your mornings shine like the sunlit skies and let the world know that you are ready for a brand new day.
~ B Bony

Don't run after things that are eluding you, if you have run after them several times. Leave it in peace and go about your day. Slowly you will find that the exact opposite begins to happen.
~ Linda Doll

There is no need to drag through life unhappy. Most of our morning worries are those that we have not put off the previous night. Chill out and have a good day.
~ Kingston Pot

Expect good things for yourself all morning and you will see your day turn it into what you expected. What you start off with can make your day.
~ Tao Huggins

Give your all strength and might to being focused in the morning. That is a sure way to have a successful day all day long.
~ Carina Powell

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