Motivational Good Morning Quotes

Monday, 29 April 2013  at 21:04
Beauty and success follow the ones that are expectant and ready for them at the right place and at the right time. Stay motivated and have a wonderful day ahead.
~ Nathan Homes
When you are committed to excellence and want the best for your life every morning, you are just setting yourself up for one of the most productive days of your week, month, year or life. Witness transformation like never before.
~ Jane Love

Bright lights motivate some people
while some find peace in the darkness. Some are inspired by love while some accept defeat in hatred. This is a new morning, choose light and love for the rest of your day.
~ Harrell Mason

Its not enough to get inspired and motivated. Don't store up things for yourself but give freely. find someone who you can love and motivate.
~ Waugh J

Let me start this day with a happy thought because if I start with a happy thought, I will continue it with a happy action which will in turn give me happy results making my entire day fruitful.
~ Roman Sleeveless

A little story can help you do gain great morals. A happy song can help you get that upliftment. But you really don't need external things to make you happy. Happiness is a state of mind, something you get from within.
~ Marina Paula

Don't let the negativity and chains of yesterday put you down. Get up and let it take you higher than you ever were and slowly you will see, you are doing what you were meant to be.
~ Dora Lobar

The sun is high in the sky and its brightness is enough to light up the entire world. Let it inspire you and may you go higher than you did yesterday and may your light shine through to those who need it.
~ Rene Majolica

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How to write some motivational good morning quotes
Being an inspiration to someone is something that artists, performers and even common people aspire to do.
Motivating quotations and sayings are not that tough to write and post or even publish. Let us see how these can be done.
1. Get motivated:
In order to motivate and write a happy good morning quote for someone, you yourself need to be motivated.   Keep your mind on higher things and pen them down as and when you get inspired. For that purpose, always have a notepad and pen or your phone by your side so when yoou get motivational thoughts just write them down.
2. Focus on the starting aspect:
Most people screw up and want to start afresh. There are some who are just bored and want to get a fresh start. You just need to strike the right cords and you are good to go.
3. Write for us:
We always encourage our readers to write for us. That way thousands of people will see your writings and they will permanently stay with your name inscribed. Else you can even stay anonymous. Just drop in a comment or go to the bottom and contact us or submit a quote and we will take it ahead from there.
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