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Monday, 15 April 2013  at 23:28
You are my morning sunlight. You are the sweet sound of the sparrow bird. You are my refreshment like a cup of coffee and you mean everything to me.
~ Shamming Jack
The breeze hits my face in the morning and I think about you. Love is like that breeze because I cannot really see what hits me but I can only feel the cool sensation that makes me feel so good.
~ Rhonda Vern

I begin my day looking at your face by my pillow and
end my night the same way.
I want you by my side every time, no matter the hour or time of day.
~ Jack Mercy

You are the love that I used to search for every morning. You have brought so much happiness into my life. I love you so much more than I have ever loved. You are the best I ever had.
~ Stanley Jose

Love needs a new start every now and then. We tend to do things monotonously without realizing the value of the one we have with us. Relationships need refreshment and a new start like the start of an early new morning.
~ Corneille Fanny

I found you and I found love. You came into my life like a new dream and I will never let you go because you are the most precious thing I have.
~ Bond Shekel

Every time I think about you my heart beats faster and my mind races. You fill my heart with excitement like I have never felt before. I cherish every moment spent with you.
~ Deena Lowe

No matter how many times we may get into an argument, I want you to know that deep within I still love you. You are my favorite part of life and there is nothing better than you.
~ York Mine

Even if we mess up and fight over and over again I will still be loving you like I did the first time. When the night is dark and things don't go our way, we will try to make begin love again like a new morning.
~ Mary Armstrong

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jolian said...

i like it. good for those in love