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Monday, 22 April 2013  at 19:48
Some days you will not feel like getting out of bed at all. But when you make that extra ordinary effort and do what you don't feel like doing, you will see extra ordinary results and get what you would not have got.
~ John Reilly
Morning is the time to clean up and start fresh. As you clean your teeth, clean your words. As you clean your body with a bath, clean your mind and heart with a little prayer.
~ Garrison Cipher

Mornings are a gift from the creator of
the universe which give you an opportunity to get what you would not have and see what you would not have.
~ Bass Lopez

A new opportunity has risen with the sun. Today you can choose to forgive the person who hurt you, love the person who hurt you and be kind to the ones who have never spoken to you before.
~ Mizar Haste

A gift that you can unwrap, a moment hat you can unravel and a day that you can spend happily begins with a bright and beautiful morning. Live it each day with a happy mood.\
~ Joel Nov

There are several people waiting for you to smile at them, many others waiting for a kind word from you. There are people who have shared posts on Facebook to be liked. This morning plan to do good to every one.
~ Warren Noel

Love is the author of life and God himself is love. He has blessed you with a wonderful morning. Lift yourself up and start afresh with faith, hope and love for him.
~ Welly Wordsworth

This morning invest your time in encouraging somebody. Show love to the ones that need it and give to the ones that are needy.
~ Mast Lowe

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How to write the best good morning quotes
In this case we have combined inspiration and emotions to make each quote fresh and compelling. You too can write such quotes and make somebody's morning beautiful. Just follow these simple steps:
1. Roll with positivism:
Morning is a good time to start new and a lot of people expect it to go well. Place positive thoughts and words in your good morning quotes.
2. Have a message or a story:
It maybe hard to fit a story into 2 or 3 sentences but if you can pass a message which can strike a cord then you will get the right results from the people you choose as audience because humans are programmed to like stories and messages.
3. Try it for us:
Why don't you write a quote for us? It may not be the best but at least you can try. drop in a comment and thousands of people who read this will also happen to read what you have written.


Shemeeka C. said...

Good Morning, A new beginning to a new day make today special.

Anonymous said...

A new day has come to lift us up through the mercy of God."Let him guide us and be our strength so that whatever we do, wil be the reflection of the Love and peace he blesses us with