Good Morning Love Quotes

Monday, 25 March 2013  at 20:11
Sometimes I wish there was no alarm clock because that is the only device which wakes me up when I am dreaming about you.
~ Natalie Jones
Even as I wake up each morning, you are the one that freshens me up. I don't need tea or coffee, the mere thought of you is enough to excite me all day long.
~ Good Morning Love Quotes

Getting up in the morning is worthwhile because you are a part of my life. You are the roses in my garden, the sun in the morning sky and the beat of my heart.
~ Amanda Ross
Every morning is a blessing because it is another chance to see
your cute smile, your silky smooth hair and your lovely voice. I cannot wait for this night to pass and the morning to arrive.
~ Christina Bane

More Good Morning Love Quotes

I was dreaming about you last night and woke up with a lovely happy feeling because I know that you are not just a dream but a reality of my life.
~ Maria Moran

I look up to the brightly burning sun and know that my feelings for you are burning in the same way. That is when I wake up and wish myself Good Morning.
~ Jolene Mary
I am in love with the creator of heaven and earth. I see the morning sun and thank the Lord for everything that he has blessed me with. That is a perfect start to every morning.
~ Jason Collins

Your love is like the rays of the sun and though I cannot see the burning bright rays, I can feel the warmth just like I feel your love every morning.
~ Raymond Cain

When I begin my day, I wish to see your sun lit face. I want to hear your melodious voice and see you brush your long silky hair. I need you each and every day.
~ Milan Moire

Morning is the start of every day and this day is the new start of our love story. I want to live every day like its a new day and treat you like you are my very first love.
~ Lovely Mason

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Morning Love advice
Morning is the right time to start with love and kindness. What you start in the morning usually stays with you the entire day. Try to be kind to yourself and think of the variety of blessings that you have received. As you feel better, think of the various ways in which you will be able to help others and be a good person to strangers. A simple hello or a kind smile may change some ones life forever. For many people the smile that you give maybe the only smile that they will receive the entire day.

Start your morning with goodness and you will find goodness all day long.
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