Good morning quotes for him

Monday, 18 February 2013  at 22:06
Like the sun which shines everyday so bright.
In you I found my handsome Mr. Right.
All I want to do is hold you tight my darling and wish you lovingly a happy good morning.
Good morning quotes for him

You are the reason why I feel like jumping for joy every morning. Mornings used to be a drag before, but now each day is filled with love and excitement. Have a lovely day!
~ Sheena Rocket

I can't sleep thinking about you and then I just cannot wait for the morning to arrive. I want to spend the whole day with you...just you and me. ~ Natalie Prince

Sweet heart I hope you have bid good bye to the shining stars and have woken up to the sounds of the birds. Smile for me now and have a good morning.
~ Veronica Money

A cute boy somewhere is yawning widely, even as the sun is shining brightly. The boy gets up and rubs his eyes and thinking about a girl looks up to the skies. The alarm rings again like a warning. Forget the annoying alarm, let me wish
~ Betsy Lon

I know what you do every morning. Brush teeth, comb your hair, gel it up and then dress up impressively. One more task needs to be included in your morning routine though. Think about the cute person who thinks about you and loves you more than any other person.
~ Betsy Chard

You bring light to my window like the morning sun. You bring music to my ears like the chirping birds. You are the fragrance that I smell from the flowers and the coffee that refreshes me. I wonder what would I ever do without you my love.
~ Jonas Brandon

Even love birds know how much I love you which is why they stand by my window and chirp every morning. Then I wish that one of them may fly to you and wish you a sweet good morning. Now if you see a lovely bird chirping, remember it was sent by me just for you.
~ Miami Kirchner Johns

When I wake up thinking about you, my heart beats faster and my mind races in your direction. I think about you so much and wish that you were here with me to love me.
~ Shantelle Nickers

I start my mornings thinking about you. I end my mornings with a text message or a phone call with you. No matter whether it is morning or evening, I am always thinking about you my love.
~ Verona Longing

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