Good vibes quotes

1. I know that today I am going to succeed and the opportunities that I receive are going to be converted. I am surrounded by good vibes and good things are about to happen.

2. I have made up my mind to think right and keep myself focused on all that is good. Every person that I meet will receive a good vibe and a sweet smile from me.

3. I know that my creator, my God loves me and created me for a good purpose. I am going out with happiness to attain my destiny.

4. My journey has begun and the direction is upwards. I am shooting for the stars and will come back with a shine like never before. I am blessed beyond measure.

5. Not just an ordinary person, I am full of good vibes. I bring goodness into my life and success is all around me. On my way to some amazing things today.

6. You need to surround yourself with beautiful people who bring out the best in you. You need people who lift you up with kind words and good vibes.

7. Focusing on all that is good in life, I am counting my blessings and bringing happiness in my heart. That is a sure way to begin my day with good vibes.

8. People are going to love me and situations are changing in my favor. I only need to stay on the high road with gentleness, kindness and a positive attitude.

9. There may be some disappointments but I am not paying any attention to them. It is like water off a ducks back or smoke which disappears. I am here for happiness and that is what will stay in my heart.

10. I have my goals in front of me and my aim is higher than before. Good vibes are encouraging me and I am set for good results. This is my day!

11. Don’t underestimate the power of disciplined thinking. One good thought could transform the way your life goes ahead. One good day can change your life forever.

12. There are chances, opportunities and power all around you. You only need to identify and seize the opportunity. Your happiness is in your hands.

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