11 Overcoming obstacles quotes

1. Believe in God and trust in the abilities he has bestowed on you. You have it in you to make it through any kind of difficulty. Keep your head up high and march on.

2. Have a victory mindset and tackle your problems logically. They may not resolve themselves immediately but if you keep pushing, you will find yourself closer to being an over comer.

3. Problems look bigger when you try to avoid and run away from them. When you go into battle and steadily keep fighting you will conquer all your problems step by step.

4. Look at your life and see what kind of problems you are encountering. If they are trivial things that bother you then you need to get a bigger vision, if they are big problems…keep fighting and achieve your big dreams.

5. I feel stronger now because I used to be weak and I overcame it. I feel better now because I used to be sick and overcame it. I feel like a winner because I used to lose but overcame it.

6. Some people are so good at solving problems that they can do it in any given situation. What they have is wisdom. They know what to say and how to act in any given situation.

7. No matter how big that challenge may look. No matter how big your mistake may seem, you can still overcome it. It may take time, it will take prayer and it will take efforts but with all these you can make it through so don’t give up yet.

8. If its easy then its not helping you grow. When you have to put in the effort to make yourself better and learn something new is when you grow and overcome new obstacles.

9. If you believe in God there is no problem too big and no mistake which can overcome you. You are the child of the most high God and you will overcome everything that is in front of you.

10. Tough times come on everyone. The way we deal and act in those times is what will decide what happens in our lives. You either overcome tough times or you live in them.

11. The way we look at problems is what will define how we tackle them. If we see them as danger, we’ll react quickly and maybe irrationally. But if we look at them as a learning process we’ll be less likely to give up. Either way you will be closer to overcoming it.

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