Joyful quotes in the morning

Monday, 8 December 2014  at 15:14
When I wake up in the morning, I give thanks for life, for food, strength and the joy of living healthy. I see no reason not to be joyful in the morning because all these things are given to me for free.
~Judith Davis
Morning happiness, girl jumping on bed in the morning
Happy little girl
Every day when I rise, I find that one place within my heart where there's endless joy to drown all the pain that life puts me through. This gives me the strength to face difficulties throughout the day.
~Sophia Daniels

I know I am joyful when I say

Good morning quotes for people of all ages

Monday, 1 December 2014  at 10:14
Never do tomorrow what you can do today. Rise and shine and be ready to conquer your fears because how you spend your morning may either bring you closer or further to achieving your goals.
~Ashley Vile
Morning sunshine

Every morning that I wake up I am writing a whole new chapter of my life. I am thankful I get a second chance to do right what I did wrong yesterday and to clean up the broken pieces of my past.
~Betsy Truce

 It is a great privilege to see

Good morning sayings for married couple

Tuesday, 18 November 2014  at 14:40
Surprises await throughout life's journeys, but the best one ever and true shall remain the day that I met you.
~ Fortune Links
Morning couple
Trust and love are two simple values that build the bridge between two unknown souls, walking on the road called Marriage. I learnt it from you.
~ Ashley Warren

Every morning I wake up and see you sleeping like a baby next to me, brings a smile on my face and assurance that I am not alone any more.
~ Janet Blake

At the beginning of our marriage, craziness over took my entire

Some lovely quotes to wish good morning

Wednesday, 12 November 2014  at 18:07
Not all friends are my morning sunshine,
Some are much more loving, a rare kind,
That's why I hope happiness passes your way,
and with every passing hour, you have a great day!
~ Janet Rose

People like you are like the sun rays which make others warm when its cold. Life is rarely perfect, but a thought of you every daybreak makes it darn good.
- Janice Lisa.

The only thing that will make today