11 Overcoming obstacles quotes

Tuesday, 19 May 2015  at 18:23
Believe in God and trust in the abilities he has bestowed on you. You have it in you to make it through any kind of difficulty. Keep your head up high and march on.
Overcoming obstacles

Have a victory mindset and tackle your problems logically. They may not resolve themselves immediately but if you keep pushing, you will find yourself closer to being an over comer.

Problems look bigger when you try to

Getting successful quotes

Tuesday, 12 May 2015  at 09:21
Nobody becomes successful in a single day. Mark Zuckerberg refused millions of dollars and even billions from Yahoo and Viacom when Facebook was still growing couple of years ago. You need to work hard and have a massive vision to fuel motivation.
Hard work and success
To get closer to success you need to be passionate about the things you work towards. If its just another day or just another chore, it won't make the cut. Go where your passion shines.

Hard work is just one

Try harder - Inspiring quotes

Monday, 4 May 2015  at 13:55
Set up your goals and go after them like a Lion prowls against his hunt. Hide and chase it, run and growl or hunt and capture. Do whatever that needs to be done but keep trying harder.

2. A good life is worth every effort you put into it, which is why you need to have bigger goals and keep pushing hard. Then one day you will turn back and look at the legacy you've created.

3. Just when you are

Face your fears - 10 Motivation Quotes

Monday, 27 April 2015  at 17:44
Victory awaits those who conquer their fears in faith. They become unstoppable and make the most out of life in ways fearful people could not.
Face your fears quotes
Face your fears

Even though its not yet a reality, imagine yourself conquering your fears and sense how it feels. Lean on that imagination everyday - that should be a good start to inspire you for a fear free life...no matter what the fear is.

I realized that I was not afraid of