Joyful quotes in the morning

Friday, 24 June 2016  at 10:50
When I wake up in the morning, I give thanks for life, for food, strength and the joy of living healthy. I see no reason not to be joyful in the morning because all these things are given to me for free.
~Judith Davis
Morning happiness, girl jumping on bed in the morning
Happy little girl
Every day when I rise, I find that one place within my heart where there's endless joy to drown all the pain that life puts me through. This gives me the strength to face difficulties throughout the day.
~Sophia Daniels

I know I am joyful when I say

Good Morning love messages

Monday, 13 June 2016  at 20:09
Morning is such a wonderful time to say what my heart feels.
Every time I think of you, my heart leaps and I get a little thrill.
I don't know when it all started, someone stole my heart but how?
Let me send this good morning message and ask the robber now.
~ Sarah Gomez

A sip of morning tea will make you feel good.
The chirping  birds will soothe your mind as they should.
Lovely breeze from the mountains will calm you down.
And the entire morning you will have a smile, no frown.
~ Amber Luis

This morning I wish you

Feel good quotes

Saturday, 21 May 2016  at 21:49
Feeling good is not temporary, you can make it a habit in life. Just count your blessings and look at the qualities you have inside of you. Open up the treasure of talents inside you.
~ John Martha
Don't be fooled by people who talk negatively about you. You were created by the creator of the universe - the almighty God. He made all things beautiful just like you.
~ Phoebe Love

Want to be loved, find happiness and become successful in life? The 1st thing to do is to fill your mind with positive successful thoughts and then feel good. Good feeling bring good actions which lead to destiny.
~ Jeremy Dwight

You start everyday with a blank slate. Make sure you scribble power words in it and draw a plan for victory. You are a winner and your life should reflect it.
~ Michigan Sue

Good feelings come when

Morning quotations about love

Tuesday, 3 May 2016  at 08:10
Every morning I wake up, smile and pray God to bless your day. You are now part of me and I will never be complete without you. Good morning my love.
~ Sean Peter
Quotations about love
Morning love quotes
Waking up in the morning is very important because you are part of me, the beat of my heart, roses in my garden and my morning sun. I will always live to treat you like my first love.
~ Rose Mary

Even as I wake up